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FuzzyCloudDesigns Shop: Chunky Braided Knit Shawl

Meet my latest original design available in my Etsy shop: the chunky braided shawl! It’s a soft and thick hand-knit shawl that drapes beautifully and adds a chic touch to your tank and jeans or to a flirty dress.

 ETSY Knit Outfits 037ETSY Knit Outfits 046ETSY Knit Outfits 029ETSY Knit Outfits 021

Check out the rest of the FuzzyCloudDesigns Etsy Shop for other fun knitted accessories!

Fun with Jewelry

iPhone 018

I’m trying to pay more attention to the little things that brighten my day – like a $5 neon ring shaped like nerdy glasses and a $4 bottle of highlighter-pink nail polish. If you add up all the smiles I get from small things, it’s a whole lotta happy.