Yum: Lentil Stew with Sausage (or Leftovers Magic!)

I had a hankering for something healthy and warm and hearty so I made this lentil stew with sausage and it was perfect. Perfectly satisfying with a side salad for dinner and again for lunch the next day.

But the real magic happened on the third day when I got bored. To mix up my leftovers, I put some Trader Joe’s tuscan kale in the bottom of my bowl, added a dash of salt and pepper and a healthy sprinkling of olive oil and microwaved for 1 minute.  Then I added my lentil stew on top and microwaved for a minute more. Meanwhile, I made a sunny-side-up egg to go on top. MAGIC in three minutes, I tell you! The egg yolk adds a velvety richness and the kale adds freshness and the textures go beautifully together. You could do this with almost any kind of leftover stew or thick soup – beef stew, chili, curry, even Indian food!

lentils 017

Lentil Stew 1 via FuzzyCloudDesigns

Boring leftovers be banished!

Lentils PicMonkey Collage


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