#100HappyDays – Week Five

Time for week five of #100HappyDays – a challenge to find one thing that makes me happy each day for 100 days. This week was full of celebrations with loved ones and peaceful solitary moments. (If you’re curious, here are Week 1Week 2Week 3 and Week 4).

<<April 29, Tuesday – A sunset walk to Venice Beach on a balmy evening>>iPhone 001

<<April 30, Wednesday – Lingering over a solo lunch at the beautiful and quiet-on-a-Wednesday Republique restaurant>>iPhone 057

<<May 1, Thursday – Visiting a lighting showroom with my awesome architect sister>>iPhone 002

<<May 2, Friday – Celebrating my best friend’s birthday with a tipsy night out>>iPhone 003

<<May 3, Saturday – An afternoon of nerdy board games, wine and cheese>>iPhone 029

<<May 4, Sunday – Celebrating my dad’s birthday with amazing food and family>>iPhone 031

<<May 5, Monday – Jacaranda blooms littering our street>>iPhone 010


8 thoughts on “#100HappyDays – Week Five

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