A Little DIY: Low-Profile Floor Mat (using placemats!)

Do you remember this entryway sadness? 082

I’ve been working away at this small space and am pretty happy with how it’s turning out! It’s been a series of sometimes big, sometimes small DIY projects.

First up: a small, easy project with big impact. See more after the jump.088a

The problem was this poor little rug:Doormat Collage

Basically, the front door has so little clearance over the floor that every time it swings into the entryway, it drags that little rug with it. Sometimes the rug would get caught under the door and have to be kicked aside so the door could close. The poor rug was perpetually askew and abused.

I searched everywhere and could not find a rug low-profile enough to fit under that door. I was all ready to make a canvas floor cloth, and then saw these at Target:079 080

Placemats! Woven out of a really durable, wipe-clean plastic and super thin. And the perfect dark grey with masculine stripes to fit Andrew’s taste. And just $2.50 each! Huzzah!

I just lined up the edges of the mats carefully, taped them together with heavy duty duct tape, then trimmed the excess from the edges. 083 085 088

Then cut a thin, non-slip rug pad to fit underneath and laid the mat in place!


Since we already have a carpeted hallway leading up to our door and a doormat just outside, this floormat is really just decorative. The placemats don’t have enough texture to scrape dirt off your shoes, but it stays in place and anchors the space nicely.


And the best part? No more rug-door tug-o-war =)


Target’s kitchen/dining area has really been winning lately! (see this cute kitchen towel doing a cheeky turn in my bathroom). Take a stroll through it next time you’re there browsing for home decor and you may be pleasantly surprised =)


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