A Little DIY: Use a Shadowbox To Cover the Ugly

Next up in the entryway makeover:  Getting rid of this useless box of ugly right next to the door – it’s a control panel for an old alarm system the previous owner had installed. It’s really on there and we’re kind of afraid to remove it for fear of setting off a screeching alarm we’d be totally powerless to stop. 054a

See how I covered up the ugly after the jump!

001 (2a)

Oh so much better! Ikea shadowbox to the rescue – I just removed the interior frame and the backing so the mat sits right up against the glass. This leave a couple of inches of room in so the frame fits right over the control panel.

002 (2)

I drew a little sign with markers and taped it in place. I also painted the mat a dark gray to match the color scheme in the entryway. Then I used little pieces of tape to hold the glass and mat against the front of the frame. Finally, I used my favorite 3M Command velcro strips to attach the frame to the wall.


To add functionality, I painted some small 3M command hooks the same dark gray as the mat, then brushed on an acrylic sealer before attaching them right below the frame.


Now we have a perfect little place for our keys and we get a little pop of color instead of an ugly ol’ control panel.

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